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1) Drink 2 liters of water a day.

Why? Because water helps flush toxins out of the body – toxins which can cause a sluggish liver and kidneys. By drinking lots of water, you give your cells the opportunity to work more efficiently, thus spending more time eliminating acne causing sebum.

2) Drink at least 1/2 liter of carrot juice each day.

Why? Carrot juice contains lots of natural carotene / vitamin A, which helps the body eliminate sebum and reduce acne. The popular anti-acne medication called Accutane is actually an artificial form of vitamin A! Why not go for the natural version – guaranteed to be as effective.

3) Eat ghee.

Why? Like carrot juice, ghee also contains natural vitamin A. However, because it's animal based, your body can utilize it much easier. Ghee also promotes good bowel movements. Regularity is important so that your body can remove toxins, hormones and waste from your body as quickly as possible.

4) Sweat.

Why? Most of our toxins are eliminated through our skin. That’s one of the major reasons we get acne! By speeding up the toxin elimination process, we are decreasing the likelihood of break-outs. Try to sweat for at least 15 minutes each day.

5) Decrease low quality fat in your diet.

Why? High fat intake causes high sebum production. This sebum then goes to clog your pores and create acne. Decreasing fat intake is one highly effective way to lessen your acne. At the same time, many fatty foods are also high in hormones which can worsen hormonal acne. While there are supplements that help regulate these excess hormones, you are better off avoiding fatty foods. Therefore by taking fat out of your diet you are preventing acne in two different ways!

6) Remove sugar and grains from your diet.

Why? Sugar and grains cause inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, and generally wreck havoc on your body's homeostasis. They also contribute to candida, a chronic yeast infection. When your body needs to expend so much energy to deal with processing sugar and grains, it has less energy it can spend on cleansing and healing the skin.

7) Use bentonite clay facial masks.

Why? Bentonite clay literally sucks toxins out of our skin. Due to its powerful toxin-binding nature, it has also been used internally as a poison antidote. You can either buy pre-made bentonite clay paste, or you can buy the powder and combine it with water or ACV to create your own facial mask. Use these a few times a week. Over-use can lead to dry skin!

8) Clean your skin.

Why? This might seem like a no-brainer, but it needs repeating. You need to keep the oil off your face! The oilier your face, the more often you should be cleaning it. But there’s no need to use harsh soaps or cleansers. My ultimate favorite is a simple, gentle castile soap. Soapy enough to get off the oil, but not so harsh that your skin becomes dry and red.

9) Cleanse your liver.

Why? A congested liver slows down all essential processes in your body. Also, if the liver can’t process your body’s toxins fast enough, the toxins must get eliminated via your skin (causing pimples). Ways to improve your liver function include reducing the toxins entering your body and/or helping your liver filter those toxins. Some liver and acne improving herbs include blue flag, burdock, and echinacea.

10) Cleanse your blood.

Why? Just like having too many toxins in your liver – having too many toxins in your blood can also worsen acne. Again, avoid toxins and add more blood-purifying foods to your diet. Beets and dark leafy vegetables are good blood enhancers. Good Herbs also provides a formula that aids in blood cleansing and acne relief.

11) Don’t lose weight (or do so with precaution!)

Why? When you lose weight you are generally trying to lose fat – aka adipose tissue. Incidentally, this is where your body stores toxins. When you burn off fat you are essentially getting rid of the space that your toxins are stored, allowing them to flow freely throughout your body. This process usually overloads your liver, making you extremely susceptible to break-outs. In order to counter-act this process you need to either sweat a lot (to get rid of the toxins through the skin) and then keep your skin clean, or you can take a supplement which contains toxin-binding molecules.

12) Use Essential Oils on your skin.

Why? Using essential oils provides a strong, natural way to improve acne. Tea tree oil, for example, is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. While lavender oil has had a long history of improving skin conditions in general. Be sure when using essential oils to dilute them and use them carefully, as they can be very strong.

13) Try a hazelwood necklace.

Why? While the exact science behind these things is vague, many people swear by their effects. Supposedly, the wood on the necklace interacts with your body's natural oils, absorbing the acidity of food that you eat. Improvement in acne is just one of many positive side effects people have experienced using these.

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